Food distribution

In order to remain competitive in the market and to best meet our customers' needs, we are constantly looking for innovation and expanding our range. At present, our product range already has more than 2400 product names. The assortment of goods, through professional managers, is delivered to the customer the day after the order.

We supply food products to:

HoReCa sector

Our responsible attitude towards customers, innovative solutions and the pursuit of the highest standards not only ensure the leading position in the market, but also guarantee the constant growth of customers in the Horeca sector. We provide services to more than 1,000 Horeca customers - restaurants, hotels and other catering establishments. Among our clients are restaurants such as Talutti, Grill London, Pizza Jazz, Delano, as well as hotels - Grand SPA Lietuva, Best Baltic Hotels, Hotel Lietuva, Royal SPA Residence and others. Namely, constant cooperation with high-quality clients encourages us to further improve our technical solutions and the quality of our services. We are constantly looking for innovation and expanding our range to help you deliver memorable catering experience to your customers.

Customers are offered complex deliveries of high quality foods and gourmet products on a regular basis.

Thanks to a well-developed logistics system and professional experience, we have the opportunity to create a unique choice of products and ensure the delivery meets each customer’s preferences and needs.

Public institutions and public authorities

Our company focuses on product quality. The assortment can be found in organic, vegan or child-friendly foods. All products are thoroughly tested until they reach our warehouses. In addition, our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology to help ensure the storage temperature required for each product. In this context, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other public institutions willingly cooperate with us.

Shops, retail chains

Bidfood Lithuania pays special attention not only to the quality of food but also to the wide range of options. Our range of products is extremely wide-ranging: large selection of fish and seafood from around the world, salmon, meat products, frozen bakery products, frozen vegetables and fruits, in particular a wide range of grocery products starting with the finest quality. oils, cheese recipes and tomato paste, various sauces and spices, as well as a growing range of sweets and ice creams. We supply food products to such retail chains as Maxima, IKI, Rimi Baltic, Norfa, Silas, Aibe and others.

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