Our product range contains almost 2,000 brand names. We are constantly expanding our business to meet our customers' needs. A wide assortment of goods, through professional managers, are delivered to the customer the day after the order.


Many people do not imagine their cuisine without meat and its products. Bidfood Lithuania offers a wide range of different kinds of meat for you - poultry, pork, veal, lamb, game and even exotic animals. Close contacts with the Belgian, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and, of course, Lithuanian producers make it possible to ensure the highest quality of the products offered. We are proud to introduce beef and roasts prepared in different maturation ways. We offer you to try Sous environment technology-ready products that will really impress your customers.


We can offer you a frozen and cooled duck, geese, turkey and chicken. It's a gift to anyone who cooks is not a job, but a never-ending source of discoveries and inspiration. High quality poultry is especially relevant to those who care for their well-being and nourish body lines. In each menu, the dishes from these products will occupy one of the most honorable places.


Nowaco's Frozen Fish Assortment includes both traditional and Lithuanian-favorite fish, as well as popular fish in other countries, which will serve both the gourmet table. The assortment is based on the selection of the most popular and most valued fish. Each imported fish is subject to strict quality requirements in order to make the fish of high quality and good flavor properties. Due to long-term cooperation with fishing companies around the world, we have exceptional supply prices, so we can offer highly competitive supply prices for our customers.Siūlome išplėstą silkių asortimentą - siūlome tiek itin klientų vertinamą aukštos kokybės šaldytą Matjes silkę, tiek tradiciškai paruoštą silkę ir jos produktus.

Mūsų asortimente pateikiama Aukščiausios kokybės „Superior“  Atlantinė lašiša užauginta Norvegijos šiaurėje. Šviežias Arkties jūros vanduo, stiprios srovės nuo laukinių potvynių ir žemos vandens temperatūros sukuria idealias sąlygas žuvų auginimui - nepažeidžiant poveikio aplinkai. „Tai prasideda nuo švaraus arktinio vandens ir baigiasi aukščiausios kokybės skoniu“. Siekiant užtikrinti aukščiausią kokybę, lašiša filetuojama rankomis geriausių šio darbo specialistų.  Mūsų  asortimente platus atvėsintos ir šaldytos lašišos pasirinkimas.


Bidfood Lithuania offers a wide range of seafood from Asian, African and European continents. In cooperation with the largest European and Asian companies, we can offer different sizes and different specifications of tiger, whitewashed, northern and submerged shrimp, which are great for grilling, baking and salad. Most molluscs and crustaceans are quite cheap but tasteful. Here you will find Spanish crayfish to Norwegian royal crab, which will make your dish an exotic one. We want to share our long experience and high quality products with our customers!

Asian cuisine

A world-renowned Asian cuisine, according to your wishes, we expanded our product range with carefully selected products. Each chef of the kitchen will surely be interested in exotic Sriracha, hot chili sauce in Kimchai, seaweed Willing or Wasabi horseradish flavors offered in variety.


Frozen vegetables are a real salvation for those who save time and energy. You will be amazed at the taste of Ardo, and the Bonduelle kitchen chefs. Frozen vegetables are washed and ground before freezing, so prepare them very quickly. After all, it's so simple, healthy and delicious.

In our assortment you will find vegetables of such famous brands as Ardo, Pasfrost, Nowaco or Bonduelle.

Potato products

Potatoes are one of the most consumed foods in the world. It's hard to imagine a menu that does not contain potatoes. We can offer LambWeston top-class Stealth fried potatoes, McCain fast baking, and a variety of Nowac branded potatoes. For those looking for something new, we can offer different potatoes, croquettes or sweet fried potatoes.

Berries and mushrooms

Spring and summer give us a variety of fruits, and the opportunity to enjoy them all year brings us the advanced freezing technologies introduced by Nowaco. Using one of the most advanced methods of preserving fruit preserves the maximum value of the product, the inherent properties of the natural products. The company ensures that only timely harvested, fresh, nutritious and organic fruits are supplied to the consumer. Particular attention is paid to packaging materials that protect products from harmful environmental factors.Nowaco žinodami ,kad grybų rinkimo sezonas pakankamai trumpas, taippat kai ir šviežių grybų galiojimo terminas, rado išeitį kaip klientams pasiūlyti šiuos produktus ištisus metus. Rinkdami juos vasrą ir rudenį mes juos užšaldome ,todėl suteikiame galimybę klientams gauti juos tada kada jų labiausiai reikia.

Ice cream

Ice cream is one of the most popular and healthiest desserts in the world. In our range, we have such well-known brands of quality and flavors as Nestle, Balbiino, Prima and French Haagen-Dazs.

Semi-finished products

An irreplaceable helper for a fast-paced and time-saving way - flour, potato, meat and curd semi-finished products, which give you a quick, delicious and varied diet. Bidfood Lithuania offers a wide range of high-quality semi-finished products, tailor-made to customers' needs. The creative work of the company's specialists enables the systematic expansion of the range of semi-finished products of the cinnamon. The state of the art refrigeration technology allows the product to maintain the highest nutritional and tasting properties during the production and storage period, with no fresh ingredients.


High quality grocery products are an integral part of every kitchen's success. Bidfood Lithuania offers you the widest selection of products from a worldwide selection of products. Here you will find a range of brands such as De Cecco, Barilla, Heinz, Bonduelle, Hellmann's, Suslavich-Felix, Knorr, Carte d'Or, Lipton and many more.

Frozen bread products

You can find everything from dark breads to sweet mini-dishes to the assortment. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied. You can showcase your imagination by purchasing frozen lintled dough, which you can turn into the most beautiful cake with a fragrant crispy crust in 20 minutes. We can offer real butter croissants from France made with natural butter. Our products include brands such as Delifrance, Europol Piekarnia or Lantmanen Unibake.

Dairy Products

For real kitchen professionals, we proudly offer prominent brands such as Rama and Debic cream as well as the oldest and deepest traditions of cheese from various European countries: Holland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria and others.